Corporate Training

The Information Technology industry has advanced from a rather technical to a sophisticated environment of scientific, phsychological and economic factors. The complexity of IT industry has risen so much that many market participants suggest a further split of this area into different industries as such.

The EyeTouch It Hub Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Corporate Training program is geared for any professional with exposure to the Information Technology industry and provides a blend of technical as well as business insights.

Corporate Trainers

Our Corporate Training Program follows the Advanced Learning & Transition Approach (ALTA). Within this approach also the Instructor plays a major role. The instructors teaching our program are industry experts with theoretic background as well as practical experience in the industry. To learn more about our instructor, contact or visit us.

Corporate Training Approach

Our Corporate Training Curriculum covers the full spectrum of knowledge required to develop true industry professionals. Designed and curated from IT experts of different domains together with our panel of trainers and Academic Board, the Corporate training program balances depth and spectrum acknowledging the latest trends as much as most important basics. Our standard Courses can be customized according to the current priorities of the organization or team. With our mix of traditional classroom lessons and online learning media, we can create an Corporate training program that drives particular knowledge and processes that support the individual and specific responsibilities.