Bulk E-mail

Bulk mail is physical mail that is marketing, prepared in large volumes and mailed at reduced postage costs. Bulk mail may consist of letters, newsletters, pamphlets, and other similar products. Bulk mail is generally used for advertising campaigns where a company or organization may send out information about a new product, an invitation to a product launch, promotional offers, deals or sales pitches, etc. Bulk mail services are often used by teams to send out coupons for different products or services. Other than commercial use, religious organizations, educational institutions, libraries or clubs may use this method to send information or invitations to their audiences. Why are people still using physical mail as a form of promoting? Studies have shown that 98% of people sort through their mail every day.

The chances of a customer reading a pamphlet and acting on it are higher than the same reach created via email. Promotional emails are often redirected to the spam folder of the customer which is hardly ever checked. Moreover, customers tend to remember a paper better than an email.

Designing Bulk Mail

Once the purpose of the mail is decided and is agreed upon, designing the content and layout of the correspondence arrives next. If it is a sales letter, a design by open, crisp and concise content may be used. But, for a product that is fun oriented or targets a younger audience, a layout with suitable colors and pictures would be more suitable. Similarly, when advertising for sale on products or services during a festive season, a similar pattern and layout become more attractive for the customer. Most customers like to make use of the designing expertise of the mailing house, rather than spend their precious time and energy doing it themselves.

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